Association Property Management

Home Owners Association

Horst Property Management specializes in condominium and homeowner association management. For more than thirty years, our team has been providing high-quality management services to associations in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania. We strive to excel in every aspect of property management and pride ourselves on providing top quality customer service to our clients.

Strong, effective leadership and support are essential to fostering a successful community environment. Our very experienced team of professional property managers and qualified office staff partner with local vendors and national associations to bring skill in all areas of association management. Our understanding of the needs and challenges of associations and our dedication to the industry make us a standout among all our competitors.

By managing more than 5,000 homes, Horst professionals offer a proven record of successful management.

In addition to vast experience, our 24-hour emergency service gives you round-the-clock confidence that Horst Property Management is the best team for managing your condominium or homeowners’ association. We’re committed to making residents’ quality of life the best it can be with consistent, dependable management to keep your association running smoothly.

There are a series of checks and balances in place to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, including a smooth transition and temporary management in the event of any one person’s absence.